Tips for Breastfeeding Oversupply and Discomfort {+ an Undercover Mama Review}

Tips for Breastfeeding Oversupply & Discomfort

Oversupply with breastfeeding, the struggle is real my friends! I feel the breastfeeding conversation usually centers around how to boost supply or fearing that you’re not making enough, but some of us make more than enough and while it’s great, it’s also incredibly painful! I knew that I’d have an oversupply issue with Baby H, I had the same issue with M when he was a baby. I mean, what newborn needs 8oz of breastmilk every 2 hours? And that was when I didn’t even empty my breasts while pumping. I know it’s pretty normal to have a large supply when milk comes in, but usually mama will adjust to her baby within the first couple weeks. I was bonding with a pump and not nursing when it came to M so 3 weeks in, I was still pumping 8-10oz every 2 hours.

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But I Don’t Want You To Feed My Baby

But I Don't Want You To Feed My Baby - My Mama Adventure

It’s weird, a month ago I was counting down the days until we could introduce a bottle. Then something happened…

I started to enjoy breastfeeding.

I thought I would enjoy it from day 1. And on day 1 and day 2, I did enjoy it. Then day 3 happened. Sores. Bleeding. Ouch. I knew it wasn’t supposed to hurt, so I called a lactation consultant and got help. But, the pain continued until about 5 weeks, then something changed.

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The Parallels of an All-Nighter

The Parallels of an All-Nighter - My Mama Adventure

It’s 2 in the morning. It’s another all-nighter. I am barefoot, walking on a cold surface, on my way to have a feeding. I know I will be back in my warm bed within the hour. And I am hopeful, albeit doubtful, that tomorrow, I will be chipper and ready for a hard-day’s work. I am groggy, exhausted, but loving every minute of this life…

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