How Can I Help You Feel Loved?

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How Can I Help You Feel Loved

When inspiration strikes, you write. And what better inspiration than love? Especially love for your child. We love our children to our very cores, it’s so deep that it’s never ending. My dad has taught my son that he doesn’t just love M to the moon and back, but he loves him to the Oort cloud and back. That’s our new thing “I love you to the Oort cloud and back.” But how do I know that my children really feel loved? What do I do on a daily basis outside of saying the actual words? I was challenged to ask my son one simple question: How can I help you feel loved? So, I asked.

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I Believe in Gentle Parenting But…

I Believe in Gentle Parenting But... - My Mama Adventure

Yes, I’m a gentle parent and believe in gentle parenting techniques. We don’t use corporal punishment (spanking), we use calm voices, we state the positive rather than telling our son what not to do, we believe in cuddles and expressing feelings, and we don’t do time-out for tantrums, we babywear. I believe in breastfeeding (if it’s what works for you), room sharing/co-sleeping (if it works for you), responding to my child’s cries.

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The Rubber Band Method for Discipline: A New Spin


The Rubber Band Method for Discipline: A New Spin - My Mama Adventure

Have you heard of the Rubber Band Method for Discipline? Don’t worry, it’s not using rubber bands on your children. The concept is to wear 3 rubber bands around your right wrist and then to move each rubber band to the left wrist when you provide some sort of verbal praise or positive feedback to your child. The point being to make sure you are praising your children throughout the day, even on days when all you want to do is scream.

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Bottles & Breastmilk: Tips For The Exclusive Pumping Mama

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I sometimes feel like the bottles & breastmilk for the exclusive pumping mom gets left out in the circle of breastfeeding moms. I’ve at times felt that since my son didn’t nurse due to an oral aversion that I am less than in the eyes of other breastfeeding moms. It’s a lonely place to be when you feel like you are doing your best for your child, but others still want to judge you for not “trying harder” or “giving up.”

I never intended to be a pumping mama. My intentions were to nurse my child, put him to the breast and nourish him the way nature designed. I planned to breastfeed him until at least a year and then let him self-wean. Our story of exclusive pumping may be different from other’s since my son had a feeding tube and other medical issues going on at the time, but my feelings of inadequacy or loneliness are probably very similar to other pumping mom’s.

I’m here to tell you, that you are not alone in your exclusive pumping choices. Whether you chose to pump because you wanted to, you returned to work, you or your child had medical issues, or some other reason, you are not alone. Exclusive pumping is hard! It is probably one of the hardest things I ever did for my baby. It’s not easy to wake yourself up at 2:00am and then again at 5:00am just so you’re not engorged by 8:00am. It’s not easy to lug around your pumping bag and supplies everywhere you go so you can express your splendid liquid gold whenever you need to. It’s not easy to bond with the hum of a machine and keep up your supply.

It’s not easy to exclusively pump for your baby.

But we do it because we feel it is what is best for our baby. We do it because our baby is our only priority and in the end if it helps our baby, it’s all worth it. And, if you’re going to keep pumping for you little one, for however long you choose, I’m here to offer some tips from a professional pumper (that’s me!).

7 Exclusive Pumping Tips:

  1. Buy Get a good breast pump. In hindsight, I would have made sure to have a pump with a closed system. Why? Because it maintains a barrier between the breatmilk collection and the pump tubing, which keeps outside air from being exposed to your breastmilk. This system also keeps breastmilk from getting into your tubing and pump system. Open systems will end up with milk in the tubing and possibly into the pump system which may result in mold or mildew building up and it’s very (if not impossible) to clean the actual pump. Ameda and Hygeia both make close breast pump systems. The extra cost is definitely worth the expense if you are going to be pumping a lot and if you exclusively pump, believe me, that pump will get a lot of miles! **Update 3/22/15: Most insurance companies will now cover the cost of a breast pump, so call your insurance company!
  2. Pump both breasts at the same time. You will save so much time if you do both breasts at the same time. Think of it this way, you should pump for at least 15 minutes every 2 hours (at least in the beginning), that means you spend a bare minimum of 3 hours per day pumping. If you do your breasts separately, you will double that time to 6 hours per day hooked up to a pump. You have a baby, you need sleep, do both at the same time. Electric pumps are designed to do both at the same time, take advantage!
  3. Go hands free! And do not waste your money on buying a hands free pumping bra. All you need is an old sports bra to go hands free. Cut two small holes in the sports bra in the areola region and voila! you have a hands free bra. I do recommend a sports bra that is about a size too small so it provides some compression. Hands free will allow you to be able to read, tend to baby’s needs (to some extent), watch TV, check Facebook, etc. while you’re pumping. And trust me, if you’re spending 3+ hours a day pumping, you’ll need those hands free to keep yourself from going crazy bored.
  4. Use milk storage bags. Pumps usually come with storage bottles, hospitals may have storage bottles, but trust me, bags are much more convenient. I had a very healthy supply in my son’s early weeks/months (8+ ounces every 2 hours), and there was no way we would have fit those bottles in our freezer. The bags lay nicely in your freezer and are easy to thaw. **Bonus tip: Write the date and ounce approximation on the bag – the bags are not as reliable as the bottles for measurement.
  5. Store pump parts in the refrigerator. This was recommended to me from a lactation consultant. When you’re up pumping at night, instead of washing all your parts at 2am, just put them in the refrigerator until morning. You can keep your milk in the bottle you pumped into, keep it all attached, toss it in the fridge (I used the door), and go back to bed! Transferring the milk into a bag and washing the parts can wait until morning.
  6. Use nipple cream. Whether it’s lanolin cream or something else, use something that will protect your poor breasts. Your breasts will get used to pumping, but going without some sort of cream for lubrication can cause some irritation and be uncomfortable. Do your research though and make sure that what you use will be safe for baby.
  7. Have the right sized breast shield. When I first started pumping, it was painful. Really painful! I was developing sores and I just assumed it was normal. Wrong! Pumping should not hurt. It feels weird, sure, but it shouldn’t cause you physical pain and sores. If it does hurt, move up a size for the breast shield, your actual breast size has nothing to do with the size breast shield you will need. Pumps usually come with a 24mm, but the sizes go up to a 36mm. The right size will also make a world of difference in terms of productivity. Check with a lactation consultant or your local La Leche League, they may have extras on hand that they can get to you.

Maintaining Your Supply when Exclusively Pumping

When you’re not nursing and getting that skin to skin contact, it can be very difficult to maintain a milk supply. It’s very common for women to go back to work and their supply drop because they have to pump. It’s also common for pumping to produce less milk than nursing would. Here are some tips on maintaining (or even boosting) your supply when you are exclusively pumping.

Tips to Maintain (or boost) Your Supply:

  1. Drink water! Your milk is made from your body, milk is a liquid, if you are not drinking at least 8-10 servings of water per day, you will not get the most out of your supply. I guarantee that if you are not drinking enough water, you will get frustrated.
  2. Pump frequently. Recommended, especially in the beginning, is to pump every 2-3 hours. This is how often your baby would be nursing so you need to trick your body into thinking that it needs to produce every 2-3 hours like a baby would. You may be able to cut back as time goes on and as baby takes less and less breastmilk. Your body may be able to make the adjustments as your baby grows, but it may not. It all depends on your body and personal milk production. If you start to pump less frequently and see a drop off in your supply, pick up the frequency to trick your body into thinking it needs to produce more. You can also throw in quick pumps (5 minutes or less) in between the 2 hours pump times to trick your body even more – I used a manual pump for these mini sessions.
  3. Pump at night. You kind of want to hit me right now, don’t you? It’s okay, I wasn’t very happy about pumping at night either. It does make a difference though and if you think about it, your baby eats at night, so of course your body would need to “feed” at night. The benefit of pumping at night is that during the times of 11:00 pm and 5:00 am, your body’s prolactin levels are at their highest. This is a good thing! I always found that if my supply was dropping, if I upped the ante of daytime pumping and added in at least one nighttime pump, my supply would be back up within a couple days.
  4. Skin to skin contact. If you are able, get some skin to skin time in with your little one. If you’re able to do this while pumping, that’s an added bonus (and gold star for being able to finagle this difficult task). Your little one is your biggest method of making milk. In a world where you are nursing, your body would immediately respond to your baby rooting towards your breast, your baby’s cries, your baby’s contact. Use this natural response to your advantage to keep your supply up.
  5. Other alternatives if all else fails. You can try other natural methods (galactagogues) to give your supply a boost. I would definitely recommend doing your own research on these methods and checking in with your doctor or lactation consultant before starting any of these alternatives. I will give information on the alternatives I tried, but this is not an all inclusive list. You can find a more detailed list at KellyMom (a fabulous resource for pumping and nursing moms).
    • Fenugreek – I found the fresher the better. I tried both a fresh ground version and capsules bought at a health food store. The fresh ground, I absolutely noticed a difference. I did not seem to notice much help from the capsules. Every mom is different though. Warning: You may start to smell like maple syrup and unfortunately, fenugreek does not taste like maple syrup.
    • Lactation Cookies– I made this recipe of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious! I did feel like they  helped too. If only they had lasted in the house longer and did not have to be made by scratch. The oatmeal, brewer’s yeast, and flax seed are the ingredients said to improve lactation. Lucky you, you have me to let you know about options like MilkMakers, which I did not know about when I was pumping.

So, there you have it! The best tips I can provide to you as a pumping mama. It’s not easy, you may get frustrated, you may get incredibly bored listening to the pump hum in the background. In fact, the pump may start singing or talking to you! It’s all normal! Just know that you are not alone in this journey and you are an incredible mama for doing what you can to ensure your baby gets the best nutrition you are able to provide. Keep at it mama!

What tips do you have for pumping mamas?

The Parenting Paradox

The Parenting Paradox - My Mama Adventure

As I was sharing about my emotional turmoil of M growing up so fast and starting preschool in a couple weeks, it occurred to me that there is a constant paradox to parenthood.

“Slow down! Stop growing so fast!”

“I want to watch you grow.”

This paradox of feelings is so confusing sometimes. I mean, time is absolutely flying by too fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was anticipating his birth and here he is starting preschool in less than 2 weeks! Before I know it he’ll be starting kindergarten, heading off to college, getting married, having kids…! Ahhhhh!!!! Slow down!!

But every time I say “slow down” I also feel the excitement to watch him achieve new milestones as he grows. I want to see what he’ll become as he enters into each  new phase of his life. What will be his favorite subject in school? Will he take to sports? Music? Both? Who will be his first girlfriend? Or will it be a boyfriend? What will be his first job? His first car? Where will he go to college? Will he go to college? What will be his future career? Who will he marry? Will he have kids? How many kids will he have?

So many questions and I want to watch him grow and figure out the answers. I also want him to stay my little boy as long as possible though. It’s such a contradiction of feelings! I want to be able to cuddle him, kiss his boo boos, hold him, carry him, snuggle him, hold his hand… I know as he grows many of those things will slowly fade away. It won’t be long before he doesn’t want to be carried anymore. He already fights having his hand held. Someday he won’t come to me to kiss his boo boos away, he won’t need my help to reach his cup, get him a snack, or put his shoes on. Someday he won’t want me to read him a story before bed, or sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Baby Beluga as he drifts off to sleep.

“Someday” will come too fast…

I want time to stand still, have my little boy just a little bit longer, but I also want him to become the man he’s destined to be, the man I know he’ll become: kind, brave, smart, and loving. I know he’ll be those things as he grows, because he’s already those things. 
I know time won’t slow down, and I guess I don’t want it to – not really anyway. The paradox of parenthood: I want to watch him grow, but I want him to slow down.
The Parenting Paradox - My Mama Adventure

Do you feel the paradox of parenthood?

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5 Ways We’re Getting our Toddler Ready for Preschool

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5 Ways We're Getting our Toddler Ready for Preschool

M will be starting his first year of preschool this year! He doesn’t start until after Labor Day so I have a few more weeks to mentally and physically prepare for this upcoming transition in our lives.

I’m really excited for M to start preschool! I love the school we’ve chosen. In fact, I had no plans of starting him in preschool until next year when he was 3 years old, but this preschool has a 2 1/2 year class and I was so impressed when visiting the school for my job that I decided to take some information home for us to consider.

Week after week I walked into the preschool and saw all the amazing teachers, office staff, classrooms, etc. and each week I was always impressed with how much I loved the school. I go into a lot (I mean a lot!) of schools with my job. Daycares, preschools, public schools, private schools, charter schools, you name it, I’ve been in it, so for me to continually walk into a school and be super impressed, is to say a lot.

One thing that definitely impressed me was their dedication to being green. From their policy to use reusable water bottles, recycle paper, use raised gardens, and so much more, it obviously appealed to my crunchy side. Not to mention, the staff are just so fantastic! They are so incredibly kind and caring. They go above and beyond to make sure the students are safe and well taken care of while they are in school.

With all that said, I’m still nervous! I mean, my baby is going off to preschool in a few short weeks! How is it possible that he’s old enough for preschool?! He’ll only be going 2 days per week this year and it’s only 2 1/2 hours each day. Next year I’ll look to enroll him for 3 days, when he’s 4 we’ll do 5 days, and then, we may just consider keeping him there for kindergarten – but oh!!! I can’t even begin to think that far ahead! Focus!

So, how are we prepping M for preschool? 

Backpack – check! I bought M this dinosaur backpack from Citrus Lane. I’m providing my referral link for Citrus Lane since, if you sign up for their monthly subscription box through my referral link, you’ll save 50% off your first month. The dinosaur backpack is not in his regular monthly box, it was an add on that I was able to choose since we subscribe to Citrus Lane. This isn’t the first time we’ve done add ons, but I’m especially excited about this one!! I know he’s going to love it and it will be perfect to get him started in preschool! If you do want to sign up, please do it through my referral link, I’d hate for you to miss out on the 50% off offer.

Snack Containers – check! We now have some Planet Wise reusable sandwich bags (stay tuned for a review to come soon!!) that I’ll use to pack him a snack. We also have some reusable ECOlunchbox stainless steel containers that I absolutely LOVE! My berries just look so much yummier in a stainless steel container! I love that I’ll be able to pack his snacks in reusable containers that will fit with the school’s attempts to be more green, and it will in fact help our environment by keeping the little plastic baggies out of the landfills. I should mention that we have the three-in-one stainless steel containers pictured to the right. If you click the link above you’ll see the niftiness! It comes with 3 containers that all fit together in a nice bento style. Nice and compact! Love it!

School Clothes – check! M is so hard to shop for when it comes to clothes!! Aside from the fact that boys get the shaft when it comes to clothing options (seriously!! A quarter of a kid’s clothing store will be dedicated to boys, the rest is all girls! Boys like to look nice too!), M has a tiny waste, and somewhat average height. Honestly, he’s small for his age, quite small. But he’s finally fitting into 2T pants in length (yes, he’ll be 3 in January), the problem is 2T pants are still so big around his waist! So, I opted to hit up a friend’s yard sale! I literally  had M standing in her garage trying on every single pair of 2T pants she had out for sale. We hit the jackpot from her yard sale!! Kids grow so fast, clothes get ruined so easily, I’m glad I chose to buy second hand from a friend rather than brand new. I saved a ton of money and I’m giving these clothes new life.

Potty Learning – check! M has been pretty successful with using the potty for quite some time now. We’ve been lucky since I’ve heard that boys especially can be difficult. I’m grateful! But, also sad to see my beautiful cloth diapers go into storage. And, while M is still in a prefold for naps and bedtime, he’s in underwear all day. However, when he goes to school he’s going to need to be more independent. There’s no little potty, no potty seat, etc. So, we’ve been working on having him stand up to pee. We bought a stool, I’ve been making him do his pants himself, he lifts the lid and seat, and we’re working on aim. He’s doing really well actually! I find standing to be less messy than when he sits – I know, it’s hard to believe, but he actually has better aim when standing! I figure this will be easier for school anyway. My biggest concern now with using the potty at school is getting off the stool, he’s still a bit wobbly getting down, but he’ll figure it out!

Talking About School – check! We frequently talk to M about starting preschool. We can do all the physical stuff like buying a backpack, buying snack containers, keeping him properly clothed, working on potty stuff, but it’s the emotional and mental part that is the hardest. We talk to M about going to school, meeting new friends, sharing, taking turns with these new friends, listening to the teachers, etc. He’s never been to daycare and he’s an only child so I do worry about how he’s going to be with the other children when I’m not around. Sure, I take him to music class, swimming lessons, and play dates, but it’s not everyday and he always has me or another family member with him. When it comes to school, it will be a teacher. I’ll have to walk away from him that first day. I don’t know how he’ll handle this new situation. So, we talk about it. Not just for him, but for me too. I know my anxiety is much higher than his!! I know he’ll be fine, he’ll love it!! But, if he wants his mommy, mommy won’t be there and that will be an adjustment for all of us.

How did you get your child ready for their first day of school?

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Innovative #Babywearing {HIPSTER™ Baby Carrier Review}

Innovative Babywearing {HIPSTER Baby Carrier Review} - My Mama Adventure

As promised, here is my review of the new and innovative HIPSTER baby carrier by MiaMily. HIPSTER is still on Kickstarter, but the good news is, they’ve been funded!! You can still head over and donate to further support their campaign, in addition, if you pledge $120 or more, you will get your own HIPSTER. If they reach $50,000, each backer will receive a HIPSTER baby onsie, they’re almost at $50,000 so definitely help them out and share, share, share!

I received the HIPSTER from MiaMily as compensation for this review. I’ve had a couple weeks to give the HIPSTER a try and I can honestly say, it’s nothing like other carriers we own or have tried. It has an actual seat that baby sits on and supports baby’s hips. This is what gives the HIPSTER its ergonomic design, so don’t let the narrow looking base fool you. M’s hips were fully supported and he was quite comfy while in the carrier.

What is truly interesting about the HIPSTER is that the seat of the carrier can be used alone, with a double shoulder attachment, or single shoulder attachment. With these options you can actually use the HIPSTER in 9 different positions! The seat can be worn on your front with baby facing you, facing out, or on your hip. Add the double shoulder attachment and you can wear baby on your front facing you, facing out, or on your back. The single shoulder attachment allows for you to wear your baby on your hip, facing you, or facing out. That’s 9 different ways!!

HIPSTER Baby Carrier - 1 carrier. 9 different ways - My Mama Adventure

I tried out the HIPSTER in all carry options except the facing out with the single shoulder attachment. While I am not usually a big fan of facing out carries, I can say that in the HIPSTER it felt comfortable and M really seemed to like it, he had a big smile on his face! I did not try it for an extended period of time though.

The HIPSTER has a nice safety feature at the zipper area. At the ending point of the zipper, there is a snap to hold the attachment and the seat together. The first time we tried the 2 shoulder attachment with M facing me, the zipper came undone from the starting end – pretty sure I did not have it in the entire way though, as we’ve had no further issues since that first time. I also think that when I was fiddling with the shoulder adjustments, I pulled them too tight, putting too much strain on the zipper. However, I would love to see a 2nd snap on the starting end of the zipper to add extra support in this area.

Since that first attempt, we have had no issues and M has been super comfy in both the front carry and back carry of the double shoulder attachment. It was actually much easier to get him on my back with this carrier because of the seat, an added bonus! I also love that the front panel of both the double shoulder and single shoulder attachments zips off to reveal a mesh layer, perfect for warmer weather! I did find that the single shoulder attachment was difficult to adjust when M was in the carrier, it was a minor issue, but I’d love to see the straps have the same adjust feature as the double shoulder attachment. Otherwise, I love that I don’t have to unhook 2 shoulder straps and try to figure out a hip carry. It’s really a nice feature to have the single strap attachment that is perfect for hip carries!

So many babywearing options and features with the HIPSTER- My Mama Adventure
The hair toss in the first picture was a happy accident!

My Favorite HIPSTER Features:

Versatility – no other carrier, that I know of, has 9 different ways of carrying a baby.
Seasonal – attachments are double layered so the top layer can be unzipped. Underneath is a mesh layer that allows for air to circulate through during warm months.
Ergonomic – despite what it looks like at first glance, this carrier is ergonomic. It appears to have a narrow base that would make baby’s legs dangling, but in fact, the seat that is provided keeps baby’s hips supported to help prevent hip strain. Think of it this way, instead of the fabric creating a seat like other soft structured carriers, the HIPSTER has an actual seat.
Easy to use – it appears overwhelming at first, but really, it is quite simple and works like most other soft structured carriers. Everything easily zippers on (just make sure you have it zippered correctly) and is easy to unzip.
Cell phone pouch – Love that this carrier has a pouch for a cell phone, many carriers do not come with extra pouches so this is a nice feature. There is also a pocket on the outside removable layer when using the top versions of the HIPSTER.
Detachable hood – since M never liked hoods on carriers, I like that I can remove the hood and stow it away.
Wide waist strap – this is nice for added back support and if you’re a mama with a little extra pooch in the tummy, it doesn’t dig and is comfortable.

If you’re looking for more information on the HIPSTER, their Kickstarter Campaign, or MiaMily as a company, head over to my previous post: HIPSTER™ Baby Carrier by MiaMily on Kickstarter where you can read more about how they got started and their awesome One for One Charity campaign.

Where to Find HIPSTER™ by MiaMily:

Win it! Giveaway ends 8/15/14

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HIPSTER™ Baby Carrier by MiaMily on Kickstarter

Alright all you babywearing enthusiasts out there! I’m really excited to present an amazing opportunity for a Kickstarter campaign!!

Here’s the deal: Kickstarter is a platform that helps projects take off, and a way for people to be involved in helping a business for a product they believe in. MiaMily is launched their first project, HIPSTER™ on July 21st, and can use all the help they can get for everyone to get involved or even just help spread the word!

HIPSTER™ is this new, crazy innovative, baby carrier design that you will L-O-V-E!!

One baby carrier, 9 different ways. And now, you have the opportunity to get involved in helping a company take off AND get your very own HIPSTER™ for a steal on for this awesome new baby carrier that takes care of both you and your little one.  Designed by parents for parents, this baby carrier is sleek in style, AND functional. If MiaMily launches Kickstarter successfully, the company will initiate its One for One Charity campaign, where each future sale of HIPSTER™ will donate one can of formula milk to babies in need.

For a limited time, MiaMily is offering their $159.99 HIPSTER™ for a steal!  To get involved, click here.

Follow MiaMily on Facebook and get up to date information on how their campaign is going!
To learn more about our One for One Charity campaign, please refer to Giving Back – MiaMily.

Check back soon for my own detailed review of the HIPSTER™ Baby Carrier by MiaMily!

Don’t wait! Head over and show your support now!

That Time We Bed-Shared with Our Toddler

That Time We Bed-Shared with Our Toddler - My Mama Adventure

I have nothing against bed-sharing. In fact, I’m all for it if it’s done safely! We did not co-sleep with M, but this was not entirely by choice. When M came home from the hospital he had a nurse with him for 8 hours every night until he was 15 months old. The original plan had been to have M in our room in his pack n’ play for at least 6 months. Obviously, that did not happen. No offense to M’s nurses, but it would have been really awkward to have them in our bedroom.

So, that’s 2 1/2 years that M has been in his own bed, in his own room.

Until Sunday night…

Oh, Sunday night. What can I say about Sunday night? Well, let’s start at the beginning, shall we? 
It was a day like any other but then we had an after dinner “belly ache.”All evening M kept complaining that his belly hurt, but aside from some extra cuddles he seemed to be okay. By the time he had his bath he seemed perfectly fine. Hubs put him to bed and we settled in for a quiet night.
Then at 10:15 pm I heard M start to whimper, but he settled back in so I didn’t think much of it. Until about 10 minutes later when I heard him again, this time more of a cry than a whimper. He was still semi-asleep, but I went back to check on him. Little did I know that an hour later I’d be tapping in Hubs to take a shift. I really thought that Hubs would get him back to sleep in no time – Hubs has that special touch sometimes!
By 12:30 am, it was very clear that M was not feeling well. Hubs said he started retching at one point. This brought back horrible memories of when M was a baby and would retch for hours at a time after a tube feed. Now, in case you don’t know, M is physically unable to vomit or burp due to a surgery that helps with severe reflux. So, when M has the need to vomit, he just heaves and retches. It’s horrible!!

Fortunately, this was nothing like what we dealt with when he was a baby. 

By 1:30 am, we had yet to go to bed, and M hadn’t slept much in between his uncomfortable spells of nausea. Finally, much to my surprise, Hubs suggested that we just bring M to bed with us since he was sleeping best when we were holding him.
It was a first for us, and we both wondered if we were going to start a [bad] habit, but we both agreed, it was best to try to break the habit the next night than continue to get no sleep. Regardless, neither of us slept that much since we were both hyper aware of M sleeping between us. I was afraid to wake him when I moved or afraid I’d elbow him in the head, so each movement was calculated – meaning, I was awake. Same went for Hubs.
So, we spent our first night bed-sharing with our toddler. It wouldn’t have been so bad – I enjoyed the cuddles – if M hadn’t decided that at 6:15 am, he was ready to take on the day! Less than 5 hours after we got him to sleep, he was awake and ready to roll. *sigh*

It was a long – tired – Monday.

Do you co-sleep or bed share? 

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