Losing the New Mom Jiggle {+ The Babywearing Workout Review}

Losing the New Mom Jiggle - My Mama Adventure

Not gonna lie, I kind of want to sit on the moms who seem to just melt away the baby weight after birth. I mean, I know it has a lot to do with genetics, but seriously? It’s just not fair. Most of us struggle to lose the jiggle and for me, it’s more than just a struggle to lose the weight, its a struggle to find time to lose the weight.

I have a 3 year old and a 3 month old. I’m building my Jamberry Nails business, I’m doing the blogging thing, and I’m trying to work my way into a small family photography business. I’m also trying to find an out of the home job. I’m busy. Between laundry, dishes, and WAHM duties (and doody!), I’m pretty much going from sun up to long past sun down. Somewhere in there I’m supposed to find time to shed the pounds and firm up the post c-section tummy? Yea, okay!

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Innovative #Babywearing {HIPSTER™ Baby Carrier Review}

Innovative Babywearing {HIPSTER Baby Carrier Review} - My Mama Adventure

As promised, here is my review of the new and innovative HIPSTER baby carrier by MiaMily. HIPSTER is still on Kickstarter, but the good news is, they’ve been funded!! You can still head over and donate to further support their campaign, in addition, if you pledge $120 or more, you will get your own HIPSTER. If they reach $50,000, each backer will receive a HIPSTER baby onsie, they’re almost at $50,000 so definitely help them out and share, share, share!

I received the HIPSTER from MiaMily as compensation for this review. I’ve had a couple weeks to give the HIPSTER a try and I can honestly say, it’s nothing like other carriers we own or have tried. It has an actual seat that baby sits on and supports baby’s hips. This is what gives the HIPSTER its ergonomic design, so don’t let the narrow looking base fool you. M’s hips were fully supported and he was quite comfy while in the carrier.

What is truly interesting about the HIPSTER is that the seat of the carrier can be used alone, with a double shoulder attachment, or single shoulder attachment. With these options you can actually use the HIPSTER in 9 different positions! The seat can be worn on your front with baby facing you, facing out, or on your hip. Add the double shoulder attachment and you can wear baby on your front facing you, facing out, or on your back. The single shoulder attachment allows for you to wear your baby on your hip, facing you, or facing out. That’s 9 different ways!!

HIPSTER Baby Carrier - 1 carrier. 9 different ways - My Mama Adventure

I tried out the HIPSTER in all carry options except the facing out with the single shoulder attachment. While I am not usually a big fan of facing out carries, I can say that in the HIPSTER it felt comfortable and M really seemed to like it, he had a big smile on his face! I did not try it for an extended period of time though.

The HIPSTER has a nice safety feature at the zipper area. At the ending point of the zipper, there is a snap to hold the attachment and the seat together. The first time we tried the 2 shoulder attachment with M facing me, the zipper came undone from the starting end – pretty sure I did not have it in the entire way though, as we’ve had no further issues since that first time. I also think that when I was fiddling with the shoulder adjustments, I pulled them too tight, putting too much strain on the zipper. However, I would love to see a 2nd snap on the starting end of the zipper to add extra support in this area.

Since that first attempt, we have had no issues and M has been super comfy in both the front carry and back carry of the double shoulder attachment. It was actually much easier to get him on my back with this carrier because of the seat, an added bonus! I also love that the front panel of both the double shoulder and single shoulder attachments zips off to reveal a mesh layer, perfect for warmer weather! I did find that the single shoulder attachment was difficult to adjust when M was in the carrier, it was a minor issue, but I’d love to see the straps have the same adjust feature as the double shoulder attachment. Otherwise, I love that I don’t have to unhook 2 shoulder straps and try to figure out a hip carry. It’s really a nice feature to have the single strap attachment that is perfect for hip carries!

So many babywearing options and features with the HIPSTER- My Mama Adventure
The hair toss in the first picture was a happy accident!

My Favorite HIPSTER Features:

Versatility – no other carrier, that I know of, has 9 different ways of carrying a baby.
Seasonal – attachments are double layered so the top layer can be unzipped. Underneath is a mesh layer that allows for air to circulate through during warm months.
Ergonomic – despite what it looks like at first glance, this carrier is ergonomic. It appears to have a narrow base that would make baby’s legs dangling, but in fact, the seat that is provided keeps baby’s hips supported to help prevent hip strain. Think of it this way, instead of the fabric creating a seat like other soft structured carriers, the HIPSTER has an actual seat.
Easy to use – it appears overwhelming at first, but really, it is quite simple and works like most other soft structured carriers. Everything easily zippers on (just make sure you have it zippered correctly) and is easy to unzip.
Cell phone pouch – Love that this carrier has a pouch for a cell phone, many carriers do not come with extra pouches so this is a nice feature. There is also a pocket on the outside removable layer when using the top versions of the HIPSTER.
Detachable hood – since M never liked hoods on carriers, I like that I can remove the hood and stow it away.
Wide waist strap – this is nice for added back support and if you’re a mama with a little extra pooch in the tummy, it doesn’t dig and is comfortable.

If you’re looking for more information on the HIPSTER, their Kickstarter Campaign, or MiaMily as a company, head over to my previous post: HIPSTER™ Baby Carrier by MiaMily on Kickstarter where you can read more about how they got started and their awesome One for One Charity campaign.

Where to Find HIPSTER™ by MiaMily:

Win it! Giveaway ends 8/15/14

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HIPSTER Baby Carrier #Giveaway

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Have you heard, My Mama Adventure readers? There’s a new way to carry your baby. One carrier, nine different ways. No more achy arms. No more sore backs. Allow us to introduce you to the MiaMily HIPSTER baby carrier.

This innovative new carrier is suitable for children ages 3 months to 3 years old (and/or 44 lbs) and consists of a back supporting belt with an integrated seat for your baby that’s designed to help you carry your little one significantly longer, more comfortably and effortlessly. Unlike other carriers or wraps on the market that can be confusing to put on, with HIPSTER you’ll be wearing your baby in a matter of seconds. It’s ergonomically designed to help minimize the cause of back pain when holding a baby.

We tend to hold our little ones by resting him or her on our hips, twisting our spine out of alignment. With HIPSTER, your baby’s weight is distributed evenly on the seat and not your hips, which allows you to hold your baby standing straight up, protecting your back. It’s also ergonomically correct for baby. The seat base is wide enough so that the baby’s hips are in a healthy position where legs are lifted and supported at hip level, and not just hanging or dangling.

HIPSTER comes with 2 attachable top carrier tops to transform the hip seat into a shoulder or single side carrier for when you need to be handsfree. You’ll get to enjoy all the benefits of a hip seat, soft structured carrier AND a ring sling. One carrier, nine different uses! Another totally innovative feature of the HIPSTER is that it’s a year-round carrier. Both attachable top carrier parts come with two layers. When the top layer is zipped up, it provides extra protection from the cold for your little one, and also acts as a small storage area. Speaking of storage, there’s also a pocket on the belt for phones, keys and money for easy access.

Doesn’t the HIPSTER look great?!

If you’re in the market for a new carrier, HIPSTER is currently in the midst of a successful Kickstarter campaign where you can snag a HIPSTER of your own at a deep discount (with FREE shipping)! Until August 21st, you can get a HIPSTER at a $40 discount with FREE accessories (including a pacifier clip with pouch to keep your little one’s pacifier clean, a MiaMily portable travel bag, and an extender belt so family members of all sizes can enjoy using the HIPSTER) – that’s a HUGE value for backing them early on! Head over and check them out!
Connect: You can connect with MiaMily on Facebook and check out their website for more details.
Buy it: The HIPSTER baby carrier sells for $160, but don’t forget that you can get a $40 discount, FREE shipping, and lot of FREE added accessories before August 21st on Kickstarter!
Win it: One lucky person will win a HIPSTER in their choice of color!

Open WORLDWIDE. Ends 8/15/14 at 11:59 PM EST. Enter using the Giveaway Tools form below. Good Luck!

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HIPSTER™ Baby Carrier by MiaMily on Kickstarter

Alright all you babywearing enthusiasts out there! I’m really excited to present an amazing opportunity for a Kickstarter campaign!!

Here’s the deal: Kickstarter is a platform that helps projects take off, and a way for people to be involved in helping a business for a product they believe in. MiaMily is launched their first project, HIPSTER™ on July 21st, and can use all the help they can get for everyone to get involved or even just help spread the word!

HIPSTER™ is this new, crazy innovative, baby carrier design that you will L-O-V-E!!

One baby carrier, 9 different ways. And now, you have the opportunity to get involved in helping a company take off AND get your very own HIPSTER™ for a steal on Kickstarter.com for this awesome new baby carrier that takes care of both you and your little one.  Designed by parents for parents, this baby carrier is sleek in style, AND functional. If MiaMily launches Kickstarter successfully, the company will initiate its One for One Charity campaign, where each future sale of HIPSTER™ will donate one can of formula milk to babies in need.

For a limited time, MiaMily is offering their $159.99 HIPSTER™ for a steal!  To get involved, click here.

Follow MiaMily on Facebook and get up to date information on how their campaign is going!
To learn more about our One for One Charity campaign, please refer to Giving Back – MiaMily.

Check back soon for my own detailed review of the HIPSTER™ Baby Carrier by MiaMily!

Don’t wait! Head over and show your support now!

Keeping Cool in the Sun #Giveaway Hop {Featuring Bitybean} #KeepingCool

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Welcome to the 2nd Annual Keeping Cool in the Sun Giveaway Hop hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network. The temperatures are hot, but we’re keeping things cool with some great Summer-themed giveaways! Check out all the bloggers and their fabulously cool giveaways in the linky below and don’t forget to enter to win a pair of Long Sleeve Performance Crews from Montauk Tackle Company in the Grand Prize!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Guess what, My Mama Adventure readers? Bitybean and I have partnered once again to bring you another fantastic giveaway! The perfect giveaway for Keeping Cool in the Sun this summer! If you read my Bitybean baby carrier review, you know that Bitybean makes an extremely lightweight carrier that is perfect for hot summer days. Not only is it perfect for heat, it is so incredibly easy to fold up in put in the pouch. The pouch is the smaller than a water bottle! Perfect for the diaper bag, purse, coat pocket, whatever your heart’s content. Absolutely the most portable Soft Structured Carrier we own.

Bitybean Baby Carrier + Hood #Giveaway #KeepCool - My Mama Adventure

And, now, one of you fantastic readers will win a Bitybean baby carrier, your choice of color, AND a hood! Be excited, be very excited!! I’m excited for the winner already!!

**Winner will receive a coupon code for purchase on their website.

To Enter this Giveaway, use the Rafflecopter Form Below:

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Summer Babywearing – Staying Safe and Cool {+ Bitybean Baby Carrier Review}

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With summer temperatures looming, outdoor adventures could possibly be part of your activities. We love to be outdoors when the weather is nice and babywearing makes outdoor adventures much easier. I learned real fast that a stroller is cumbersome and while it’s convenient for storing extras in the baskets, cup holder, etc, they are still a nuisance. It was a great feeling last summer when I had M on my back in a carrier as we journeyed through our county fair with no issues getting through crowds. I watched as other parents struggled with their strollers and I was so happy I had chosen to babywear that day.

However, babywearing in hot weather does pose some issues. It is hot! Carrying a baby/toddler, plus the added fabric from the carrier can make it even hotter than if you were pushing a stroller. I still think babywearing is an easier option though, you just have to know how to babywear so that baby and you are comfortable.

We experienced a bit of a scare this spring already with M during a babywearing adventure, he started to show signs of overheating. We cut our adventure short, got him cooled down, hydrated, and I got to work on gaining information about how to keep wearing him this summer (which I hear could get quite hot!) and keep him safe in the heat. Here are some tips I have for all of you for safe summer babywearing.

Summer Babywearing Safety Tips:

  1. Dress appropriately – as in, less is more during hot summer months, for both of you. If you think it may warm up or cool down while you’re wearing, take layers to adjust for temperature fluctuations.
  2. Stay hydrated – if baby is still breastfeeding or on formula, make sure you are prepared to keep baby hydrated. Take some water for yourself to keep you hydrated as well.
  3. Take a break – if you or baby start to feel warm, find some shade and take a break to cool off. Take baby out of carrier when you’re not walking or on the move.
  4. Loosen the straps – to allow for more airflow, you can loosen the straps some. I wouldn’t recommend this for a back carry, but for a front carry, you can loosen the straps and keep a close eye on baby.
  5. Know the signs of overheating – while your baby or toddler may not be able to verbalize these signs to you, know what the signs are so if your little one shows any of these signs, you can take measures to get him/her safe, cooled down, and hydrated.
    • Fatigue
    • Weakness
    • Drenching sweat, accompanied by cold, clammy skin
    • Slow or weakened heart rate
    • Dizziness
    • Fainting
    • Agitation
    • Headaches
    • Nausea
    • Confusion/anxiety
  6. Use a lightweight carrier – like the Bitybean mesh soft structured carrier (buckle carrier). Using a carrier that will allow for more airflow and is lightweight can make a huge difference in your little one’s comfort and your comfort.
Bitybean sent me their lightweight carrier in the carrot orange. I was really excited to try it out since M does tend to overheat easily. Whether this is because of his heart defect or if it’s just him, I don’t know, but because of his heart defect, it’s not something we’re willing to risk. We’ve been using the Bitybean carrier for a few weeks now and it really has made a difference in his comfort level when we go out for walks.

The Bitybean is easy to use, it works just like other buckle carriers on the market and is ergonomically designed; this means that babies are in more of seated position, which is better for their hips and more comfortable. I have found the Bitybean carrier to be comfortable for me and more importantly, M is comfortable while in our Bitybean. The chest strap is easy to adjust, easier than other buckle carriers we have, and is easy to tighten or loosen based on my needs. The shoulder straps are not as padded as other carriers, as Bitybean was designed to be light and compact, but I have not found them to be uncomfortable as long as they are laying flat and I have straps adjusted correctly. I would kind of prefer a wider waist belt, but I somehow think this would interfere with the compact design; so it’s a minor detail that I’m willing to sacrifice for the convenience of such a compact and lightweight carrier.

One of the coolest things about Bitybean carriers is that they fold up to be as small as a water bottle! This is one of the best features, I think (aside from the lightweight factor of course!). The carrier comes with a pouch which the carrier easily folds up into, and then it can fit into a diaper bag, purse, or even a jacket pocket very nicely.

Bitybean Features:

  • Can be worn in a front or back carry for children over 3 months of age and weighing 8-40lbs.
  • Comfortable anatomic shoulder and waist straps, state-of-the art materials and design.
  • Leg straps for babies under 15lbs.
  • Fully adjustable for a custom fit.
  • Weighs only 8oz and the size of a child water bottle.
  • 100% nylon, machine washable.
  • Sleep/shade hood available separately
  • Fleece infant liner available separately
  • Waist extender available separately

Buy Your Own

  • On their website for just $59.95!! This is a fantastic price for a baby carrier, and it’s obvious that it is well designed and will hold up over time.

Follow on:

Win it!

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For the Love of Babywearing {#Giveaway}

We’re celebrating Babywearing Love this Valentine’s Day with a líllébaby Carrier Giveaway, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network.


My Mama Adventure is very excited to be part of this giveaway event to win a fantastic carrier! I love babywearing and I’m excited to share this giveaway opportunity with all my readers!

If you are already head over heels in love with Babywearing or just starting to find the Babywearing love, you’re definitely going to want to enter to win a líllébaby Carrier.
1.OrganicBlue (by llehan@lillebaby.com) This carrier is COMPLETE – líllébaby dubs it the best baby carrier in the world and líllébaby customers tend to agree!

Our mission was to design a baby carrier that was complete in every way; complete in comfort, functionality, safety and style.

The líllébaby COMPLETE comes in Organic and Original styles.
  • All-in-one carrying- front, hip or back; baby face in, out, or in fetal position.
  • Great for Newborn 7lb to 45lb. No insert needed.
  • Ergonomic leg position in every setting, including when baby is facing forward.
  • Seat adjusts to perfectly fit baby at every stage and enables carrying through the otherwise “baby wearing gap.”
  • Adjustable neck support with elastic attachments gives ideal support while allowing for movement.
  • The adjustable torso is taller than most brands, giving your baby sturdier support and better posture.
  • Padded side straps protect baby from webbing.
  • Removable sleeping hood adjusts in length and includes elastic edging for comfortable fit. Protects from sun and wind, gives privacy and supports baby’s head while sleeping.

The carrier also currently comes in 10 colors with brand new prints being released just this week!

Lillebaby Giveaway
This giveaway will end on February 17th at 11:59 pm EST. It is open to US and Canadian residents, 18+ only. Please use the Giveaway Tools widget below to enter.
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Review of MilkyBaby Original Ring Sling!

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Read on for my Milky Baby Ring Sling Review!

I am super excited to be hosting this giveaway by MilkyBaby over on Etsy! The owner of MilkyBaby has generously provided me with a beautiful ring sling to review and giveaway to one lucky winner! Even better, is this giveaway is occurring during International Babywearing Week!

I did not get into babywearing for a while after M was born. We had a lot going on after we brought M home and babywearing did not seem possible at first. After a few months I got more comfortable and started trying out different carriers.

I’ve been wanting to try a ring sling for a long time! M loves being in a pouch sling and sitting on my hip so I figured he’d love a ring sling too and the benefit of a ring sling is that they are adjustable! So, as he’s growing out of our pouch sling, the ring sling will grow with him!

The ring sling MilkyBaby sent me is a gorgeous yellow and gray chevron design. As soon as possible I had M in the ring sling trying it out. M loved it right away and so did I! It was easy get on, situated, and adjusted for M. M truly felt snug and comfy in the MilkyBaby ring sling. I felt he was safe and secure while I got some chores done around the house. M loved being being able to snuggle up to me while I got laundry and dishes done. He also thoroughly enjoyed pulling up the tail of the sling and playing peek-a-boo.

In addition, we got to use the ring sling at a Fall Festival on an unseasonably warm day for early October. It was nice and cool and M did not overheat while I was wearing him. When he wanted to get down and run around, it was so easy to get him out of the sling and just wear the fabric until he was ready to be snuggled again. I also got several questions about the ring sling, wondering where they could also find one! I eagerly gave out the information to purchase their own MilkyBaby Ring Sling!

Know what else is great about this ring sling? It has a pocket! Great for stashing extra items for easy access, we stashed M’s prize winnings from the festival in the pocket. The tail is a little long for me since I’m a shorty so I wouldn’t be inclined to store my phone or other valuables, but definitely little baggies for walks with the dog or small snacks for M (and of course festival prizes!).

Here’s the best part! One lucky This is my life…  reader will get to win a beautiful MilkyBaby Ring Sling! The ring sling, MilkyBaby is giving away is pictured below and is a beautiful, gender neutral, teal with black and white stripes. This ring sling will grow with your little one from infancy to toddlerhood. To order a MilkyBaby Ring Sling, go on over to her Etsy shop to check out all the fabulous products!

To win this ring sling, enter below, using the Rafflecopter form. 

U.S. Entries Only.

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