The Struggle for Healthy Habits in Preschoolers

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own. #StonyfieldBlogger

The Struggle for Healthy Habits in Preschoolers - My Mama Adventure

Honestly, I consider us pretty lucky in the eating department with our preschooler. Considering his past with a feeding tube, oral aversion, refusal to drink – anything! The fact that we have a 4 year old that is so willing to try new foods and frequently chooses fruits and veggies over bags of chips or sweets, I’m always amazed at how far he’s come.

With that said: he’s still a 4 year old preschooler. And moms, the struggle is real! I go a bit crazy sometimes when he wants to eat his ravioli fridge cold and refuses it to be heated up. Or when he insists on eating a cheese sandwich everyday for a week. Also, those times where he straight up refuses to try what we’ve served…frustrating!

Sometimes we, as parents, do what we need to do to get those healthy foods into our kids. Whether it’s presentation or indulging the “no food touching” situations, we do what we have to. Sometimes it’s sneaking veggies into the spaghetti sauce or finding tasty “treats.”

Thankfully, Stonyfield and OXO Tot have us covered. My son loves the Stonyfield Squeezers and the Stonyfield YoKids yogurts (Confession: I may sneak those squeezers in my own lunch sometimes). OXO Tot has all the feeding gear that you need for indulging all your little one’s eating “quirks.” M particularly likes the Divided Plate and the Twist Top Water Bottle. I particularly love the water bottle for his school bag. It doesn’t leak! It’s easy for him to twist the top to get it open.

The Struggle for Healthy Habits in Preschoolers - My Mama Adventure

I am also especially partial to the Grape Cutter and Flippy Snack Cup. The snack cup seems much more durable than similar snack cups we’ve owned – which are long gone into a landfill somewhere because they just didn’t hold up to our particular tot. As for the baby…I am absolutely in love with the Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers. I don’t use them for freezing, I use them for those baby food pouches! Do I trust a 9 month old with a pouch? Nope! Not even a little. The storage containers are the perfect size for the pouches. And the Roll-Up Bib? Is quite possibly my favorite bib, now. The Velcro cinches in to a nice size for a small neck and it’s strong, so the rambunctious 9 month old can’t pull it off. It also does what it’s intended, and catches the dropped food.

Okay, clearly, I’m a little obsessed over all the things OXO Tot. Seriously, how did I not discover it sooner! I’m beyond thrilled that there was a partnership with Stonyfield and OXO so that I had the opportunity to try the awesomeness.

Moms, go out there, find the tools to get your kids to eat the good stuff. And, when in doubt, sneak it into a cookie. 😉


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