Jump Start Your Business With Shutterfly #StonyfieldBlogger

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own. #StonyfieldBlogger

Jump Start Your Business With Shutterfly

If you’re a stay at home mom, or anything like me, then you’ve looked into the possibility of starting your own business or joining a direct sales company as a consultant. Whether it’s to give you something outside of children or a way to bring in some extra income, you may have considered it. I know I have on more than one occasion! I joined one company as a consultant when I was pregnant with M, it flopped. Since his birth I’ve tossed around many different business ideas from an Etsy shop to going into private practice as a mental health therapist. But, in the end, I ended up joining another direct sales company, and this time, I love it!! It’s not to a point where I can quit my job, but it’s a nice extra income to help with bills.

Since starting direct sales, this second time around, I’ve had a great support system from my team manager and upline and one thing that I’ve taken to heart is the concept of personalizing everything! Getting to know customers and potential customers is essential in building a direct sales business, people tend to want to work with you when you show an interest and are personable.

How do I do this? One simple way is a good ol’ fashion thank you card! Emails and Facebook PMs are great, they’re quick, they’re easy, and free from postage. But a handwritten thank you card to a party hostess, someone who requests a sample, or a frequent customer really makes it personal and shows an interest. I write something personal in each thank you card to every potential customer who requests a sample. I also write a little note to my hostesses when they are getting ready for their Facebook or in-home party.

A great option for thank you cards is to get them custom made! I love having a thank you card that can also serve as a business card. Something that allows me to personalize a message to my customers and have them customized with my business website and contact information. And they look awesome because I got them off Shutterfly!

The best part? Stonyfield has partnered with Shutterfly for an on-pack offer on our YoBaby and YoTot 6-packs! Awesomesauce!!

The Deal:

  • Purchase any Stonyfield YoBaby or YoTot yogurt 6-pack and enjoy $20 off your order at Shutterfly.com.
  • Offer ends February 29, 2016
  • The offer is only good for 1 per household

What are you waiting for? Go get that business going with Shutterfly! And get some yummy Stonyfield yogurt in the process!

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