Setting Up A Snack Drawer For Your Preschooler #StonyfieldBlogger

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own. #StonyfieldBlogger

Setting Up A Snack Drawer For Your Preschooler - My Mama Adventure

Not gonna lie, having two kids is way harder than having one kid. Duh! Right? Even before Baby H made her arrival, I started doing things to help M become more independent so that when H was born I wasn’t constantly having to help him. M can fully dress himself from head to toe, he can use the bathroom by himself – though still needs help with hand-washing since he can’t reach the handles to turn the water on/off, and he can get himself a snack.

The snack part was the big one since he’s constantly asking for a snack, especially after he gets home from preschool. Obviously, we do lunch pretty much right away when we get home, but sometimes Baby H doesn’t allow for that to happen for some reason or another, so the snack drawer has come in handy to tide him over until I can get him lunch. Obviously, if he’s having a snack before lunch I want to make sure that M’s snacks are at least pseudo healthy.

Enter: The Snack Drawer

Even before Baby H was born, I started the concept of a snack drawer. I tried to buy big boxes of our preferred snacks and the separate them into little snack baggies. I had a hard time keeping up though, even before H was born, so I knew I would struggle even more after she was born. After H arrived, I caved and bought one of those big boxes of individual snack packs of Cheese Its and Teddy Grahams, it was easy and served the purpose at the time. Those were not my preferred snacks for his snack drawer though, so I went on the hunt for alternatives. I am now pretty happy with his snack drawer options.

M’s updated snack drawer now consists of:

  • Organic fruit leather
  • Organic fruit snacks from Stonyfield (these are new from Stonyfield and so yum!!)
  • Organic granola bars
  • Organic cheese crackers
  • Organic graham cracker snacks

We also started a snack drawer for the refrigerator which includes:

  • Mozzarella cheese sticks
  • Colby jack cheese sticks
  • Yogurt Squeezers from Stonyfield (these are also great when frozen!)
  • Carrot sticks

If you have a preschooler, more than one child, or want to promote independence, I can’t say enough how much I’ve loved having a snack drawer. It is so nice that when M asks for a snack, I can say, “go check your snack drawer.” He can open most of the snacks himself and if he can’t they’re easy enough for me to open for him while nursing H. It’s hands down, one of the best decisions I have made to help with M’s independence and to make my life just a tad bit easier.

What are you waiting for? Go make a snack drawer!

22 thoughts on “Setting Up A Snack Drawer For Your Preschooler #StonyfieldBlogger

  1. We don’t have a snack drawer, but we have a snack bin for our daughter. We try to keep healthy snacks in stock for her like organic granola bars, cheese crackers, and pb sandwich crackers.


  2. I love the idea of a snack drawer! It’s a great way to allow kids to pick what they want while the parents still get some control over what types of snacks the kids have.


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