Losing the New Mom Jiggle {+ The Babywearing Workout Review}

Losing the New Mom Jiggle - My Mama Adventure

Not gonna lie, I kind of want to sit on the moms who seem to just melt away the baby weight after birth. I mean, I know it has a lot to do with genetics, but seriously? It’s just not fair. Most of us struggle to lose the jiggle and for me, it’s more than just a struggle to lose the weight, its a struggle to find time to lose the weight.

I have a 3 year old and a 3 month old. I’m building my Jamberry Nails business, I’m doing the blogging thing, and I’m trying to work my way into a small family photography business. I’m also trying to find an out of the home job. I’m busy. Between laundry, dishes, and WAHM duties (and doody!), I’m pretty much going from sun up to long past sun down. Somewhere in there I’m supposed to find time to shed the pounds and firm up the post c-section tummy? Yea, okay!

So, I took to my local Babywearing International group and asked about babywearing workout circuits. I was really just looking for squats, stretches, etc. to do while wearing Baby H. The primary VBE (Volunteer Babywearing Expert) of the group and a close friend of mine suggested The Babywearing Workout. Genius! Why didn’t I think of that? Or better yet, why didn’t I think to come up with something like that? But, the genius mom, Kelli Roschak, was wearing her smart cap and put together a fantastic babywearing workout video and lucky for me she chose to work with me for a review! Woot woot! It was a great day! I may have done a little happy, giddy dance.

The Babywearing Workout

Kelli’s genius video has combined babywearing – ya know, the saving grace that is motherhood of being able to carry your baby around with you, hands free, so you can get stuff done – and the much needed new mommy workout. Baby H loves to be worn, especially in our ring sling or woven wrap, so this workout was perfect! I didn’t have to find time during naps to get my post c-section x 2 tummy into better shape (read: less Jell-O jiggler squishy).

Kelli sent me the downloaded version of her babywearing workout video – The Babywearing Workout. I was crazy excited to get started. Alas, life had other plans and I didn’t get started as soon as I intended, but, nonetheless, I did finally get to start doing her (butt kicking) video. And, yes, it kicked my bootay! Trying to do squats – and what seemed like endless squats – with an almost 12 lb baby was rough! But, I did it! The video is about 30 minutes long and while the workouts probably wouldn’t be so hard if I wasn’t wearing an 11.5 lb baby, it definitely brought on the sweat while wearing Baby H.

The best part about The Babywearing Workout is that the earlier you start, the more you’ll get from it. Baby is going to grow and add poundage, as all babies do when they are thriving. So, you won’t tap out from this workout, as baby grows, your workout will also grow because those squats with a 10 lb baby will quickly turn into squats with a 15 lb baby! Your baby will make sure that you continue to up the ante with this workout.

The other best part about The Babywearing Workout? Baby falls asleep! Kelli works the “mama dance” into the workout circuits. You know, the bounce-sway dance that we all instinctively know how to do even while still carrying our precious cargo in utero? So, yea, baby falls asleep in that sleepy dust filled carrier that you’re using for your workout. She is also super aware that we’re working out with our precious itty bitties, so she recommends holding baby’s head if your baby doesn’t have head control yet, or suggests using a chair for certain circuits. Kelli’s #1 priority is keeping our baby safe, giving us a great workout comes 2nd and that’s clear in her video.

Tips for your The Babywearing Working:

  • Use a carrier that is going to allow you full freedom of movement. Ring slings would not be recommended since your one arm has less movement.
  • Use a carrier that you and baby are going to be comfortable in for at least 30 minutes and while moving around for different workout circuits.
  • Drink water! You will sweat.
  • Make sure baby isn’t going to overheat while you’re sweating.
  • Stop if baby isn’t having it. This is definitely a video that you could break up into segments if needed. Sometimes our itty bitties don’t want to be worn for more than 10 minutes, that’s okay! You can pause the video and go back to it later.

I’ve used a woven wrap for my workouts with Kelli’s video. At first using a front wrap cross carry, but have had to move to other carries in my preferred size 4 wrap as Baby H has grown just enough that a FWCC is pushing it to tie off. My new fave carry is a semi-cross carry with a slip knot, though, I use a regular knot during the workouts so I know it’s nice and secure.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed The Babywearing Workout. It’s not so hard that it’s not doable, but it’s also not easy, it really does give you a workout and it’s great for firming up some of those squishies and just feeling better about your post baby body. Which, that post baby body of yours? It’s fantastic! I know it’s hard to love our new bodies, but these bodies of ours have done some pretty amazing things, like grow a human being! So, love your body, no matter how it looks. But, we all need to be healthy too, so The Babywearing Workout is a great way to get healthy and love the post baby body.

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You buy the downloaded version for your PC for $9.95, the DVD version is currently sold out.

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2 thoughts on “Losing the New Mom Jiggle {+ The Babywearing Workout Review}

  1. This looks great! I take a postnatal yoga class and my babe always wants to be worn so some of the poses don’t really work for us (downward dog for example!). I think it’d be cool to try a workout that’s made for babywearers.


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