A Rainbow Story of Hope

A Rainbow Story of Hope - My Mama Adventure

As most of you probably already know, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably already seen the announcement (and if you don’t follow me on either of those, you definitely should!).


That’s right folks! My precious rainbow baby that we’ve been hoping and praying for finally made her glorious arrival. It didn’t go as planned, but she’s healthy, she’s here, she’s perfect, and that’s all that matters.

And the birth story goes…

On Monday, April 27 I went into my OB’s office for my regular weekly appointment, all was going well but he wanted me to have an ultrasound on Thursday to check size (knowing that size is really just a guesstimate with ultrasounds). So, Thursday I went in for my ultrasound at 38 1/2 weeks pregnant to find out She.Was.Breech! Butt down. Breech!? Ugh! I was so frustrated to find out so late. My OB decided that I would have a csection on Monday, May 4 OR if she flipped, he’d break my water and we’d do the VBAC as my water was quite low. That gave me 4 days to get the little lady to flip.

I did everything in my power to get her to flip head down. I really only needed to get her sideways and then my OB would get her the rest of the way. I did Spinning Babies techniques, sat on a birthing ball pretty much constantly, tried putting a heating pad on my  lap while having an ice pack on the top of my belly, I went to my Webster technique chiropractor every other day (she even went in on a Sunday to give me an adjustment!), I did moxa sticks…I tried everything to get her to flip. Monday came, I knew she was still butt first, they did an ultrasound, she was butt first. Repeat csection it was. I was so disappointed, but I had zero desire to try to deliver a breech baby, not that my OB would have agreed to it anyway. We don’t have any docs locally that would deliver breech, but like I said, I had no desire to even attempt a VBAC/breech delivery.

It was actually a pleasant delivery as far as csections go. The anesthesiologist allowed Hubs to be in the room with me during prep (not normally allowed). I don’t respond to caine numbing agents so I was depending on Hubs and Hypnobabies to get me through the pain of a spinal. I felt the spinal but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the epidural with M. Anesthesia worked great until they were stitching me up, then I started feeling things again, but the anesthesiologist was on it and made me comfortable.

At 8:25am, on Monday, May 4 Baby H was born! It was such a physical and emotional relief to have her out! I cried like a little baby, Hubs cried, Baby H cried! It was glorious. They gave her to me immediately for skin to skin, it was perfect, she was perfect. She was a perfect 6lbs 9 1/2 oz, 18 1/2 inches long. They did take her away after several minutes of skin to skin so I could be stitched up, Hubs went with her, which was my preference. Though, when I started feeling them move stuff around and some pain, I was wishing Hubs was still there to hold my hand! But, like I said, the anesthesiologist was on top of it and all was good.

She was brought to me pretty much right away after I returned to L&D and we started to nurse right away. She was, again, perfect. We did struggle with some nursing issues such as latch during the first couple weeks, but by 5 weeks we were doing great, with no issues. She’s now 8 weeks old and we’re in a groove. I’m feeling pretty good after another csection, definitely healed faster and easier than after my first c/s.

Baby H, as of now, is a pretty good sleeper. She really only wakes once during the wee hours of the morning around 4am and then she’ll sleep until 7 or 8am usually. I’m pretty lucky but I also don’t expect it to last. At some point I’m sure she’ll start to wake more to nurse, no biggie, we’ll take it as it comes. Hubs took on a new schedule so it allows me to sleep in when she sleeps in. The only downfall of his new schedule is putting M to bed. She hasn’t been going to sleep for the night until closer to 8:30/9:00. M’s bedtime is supposed to be 7:30pm, I usually bump it to 8pm in the hopes that Baby H will be asleep by then, but it’s usually a wasted effort. I end up taking her back to his room with me and trying to hold her, read him a story, sing a song, and all that jazz. I’ve tried babywearing for his bedtime routine, she hates it. She’s cranky because she’s tired and usually just wants to nurse, which, while we’re in a groove, I’m not great about nursing without a pillow or while walking around. We manage though and I know that we’ll get into a good routine. Otherwise, she loves to be worn during the day and it is so helpful to get chores done around the house and she’s in a “you’re not allowed to put me down” mood. I’ve loved being able to wear a little squish!

So, that’s the story of Baby H’s birth. It wasn’t what I planned for, but all that matters is that she got here safely and my rainbow is in my arms. She loves to eat and is gaining weight like crazy, a total opposite experience from M. I’ll take it!


There’s always a RAINBOW after the STORM. Stay positive if you’re waiting for your rainbow. Miracles do happen.

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