Preparing for a New Baby

Preparing for a New Baby - My Mama Adventure

I have to admit, I have not exactly been enthusiastic about preparing for a new baby in our home. Partly because I’m afraid to do all the prep work for fear that something will go wrong, but also partly because a simple shower causes Braxton Hicks contractions. Any sort of physical effort on my part seems to cause the lovely Braxton Hicks which means I need to sit, drink some water, and relax.

Regardless, we need to start preparing for a new baby. She’ll be here in 2 short months and her nursery is nowhere near ready. So far, we have a crib in her room. That’s it. A crib. And, she’ll be sleeping in our room for at least 6 months probably, so the crib isn’t even really essential right now. Maybe I’ll have her do some naps in there? Eh, I digress.

Our biggest hold up is that baby girl’s room has been used as M’s playroom for the past year or so. It was really hard when we made this decision. I had been wanting it to stay unused because I had wanted it to eventually become a nursery, but after 2 miscarriages and the unknown of becoming a family of 4, it was better to put the room to use and so the playroom evolved. Now, all of M’s toys, books, puzzles, etc. have to be moved out of that room so it can become a nursery. So, not only do we have a nursery to get organized and decorated, we have to get all of M’s toys somehow organized in his bedroom.

We had never wanted toys to be in kids’ bedrooms. We bought our house with the intention that our downstairs (we live in a split entry) would be a play room someday. However, it has become our computer room and sewing room. It also has a propane gas fire stove that poses a concern for littles. Right now, I can leave to go to the bathroom and not worry that M is going to burn himself on the fire stove, if we move everything downstairs we end up with 2 problems: 1.) Where do we put the computer and sewing table? 2.) It’s a safety concern. So, it means putting toys in the bedrooms. We’ve accepting our lot and are moving forward.

The Financial Factor

Finances are a huge factor right now. Right when I go on maternity leave, Hubs will be put on reduced service with work. It’s a problem. A big problem. So, we’re having to find ways to reuse or buy second hand as much as we can to get organized. Big ticket items include a dresser and nursery decor. I am picky about the dresser, I want something new and sturdy that will last well beyond the age of 18. A dresser that can go to college or a first apartment is ideal. Nursery decor I’m also picky about, I don’t want a lot, but I do want items specific for baby girl. I will make or design what I can on my own, but things like a rug I will look for new.

Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this post, this means I get a small commission when you shop through the link, at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support!

Otherwise, bring on the up-cycling! Here’s what I’ve managed so far:

  • Reuse changing table (no brainer)
  • Reuse crib (no brainer)
  • Reuse cloth diapers (another no brainer)
  • M helped me go through his toys to pick out “baby toys” and “M toys” to decrease the amount of toys to organize.
  • Baby girl will sport a lot of her older brother’s clothes from infancy, many are gender neutral so slap on a bow and we’ll be good
  • Take girl clothing donations when offered
  • We’re getting some newborn cloth diapers from a friend (awesome!)
  • $10 bookshelf from a local swap group to store all of M’s books and some toys
  • Reuse up-cycled bins and baskets that were storing M’s books for toy storage
  • Platform twin bed for M that has 2 drawers built in for extra storage
  • Put reused storage bins and big toy items in M’s closet
  • Use M’s old pocket style bookshelf for baby girl’s room to store board books and baby friendly books (it also has 2 bin drawers for extra storage – win!)

What we still need:

  • Some sort of organization system for baby girl’s room
  • Dresser
  • Nursery decor
  • Infant seats installed in cars
  • Move changing table into nursery
  • Move rocking chair into nursery
  • Move “baby toys” down into garage.
  • Clean off the top shelf of M’s and baby girl’s closet
  • Paint baby girl’s closet
  • New curtains for nursery (will probably be made by my mother-in-law)
  • New blinds for nursery
  • Get a curtain for the closet (we removed the doors, they’re ugly)
  • Move spare clothes out of baby girl’s closet and back into our closet
  • Move the shelf up in our closet to create more space to allow a 2nd bar to be placed on my side of the closet

See, our to do list isn’t so bad! It honestly depends a lot on getting M’s room organized and our closet organized. Once I can get all M’s toys out of the playroom and into his room, we can get the changing table and rocking chair situated in baby girl’s room and stop calling it the playroom. Once we get our closet organized we can get everything out of baby girl’s closet. Okay, it’s a lot. But I’ve gotten a lot done so far too!! Just in one day I was able to get all of M’s books situated so we had empty bins and baskets for more toy storage in his closet. See! We’re getting there!

*sigh* This baby will be 8 till we have her room organized. And we’ll surely go bankrupt in the process. *double sigh*

How did you prepare for a new baby? Any tips?

3 thoughts on “Preparing for a New Baby

  1. Great tips! My sister is expecting her first child in a couple moths, this information will be helpful for her.


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