Celebrate Your Rainbow Baby: I Give You Permission

Celebrate Your Rainbow Baby: I Give You Permission - My Mama Adventure

So, my rainbow baby is my 4th pregnancy but 2nd baby. There’s a part of me that hates the question “Is this your first baby?” or “Do you have any other children?” I get those questions a lot. I usually answer with “No, I have a 3 year old at home.” But I always feel like I’m leaving out my 2 angels. It’s kind of a big deal to have been pregnant 4 times! But since this is not my first pregnancy or first baby, I also feel an awkward sense of what is expected of me. I feel like the 2nd baby is frequently not as celebrated as the first baby since we already have most of what we need.

Granted, it can be hard to celebrate. The fear is always lingering and maybe you’re a smidgen scared to celebrate out of fear that things will go wrong again. I get it! Really! I do! I’ve put off buying things for fear that if something happens to this baby, I’ll have this reminder of what might have been. I may also put off getting a nursery ready for the same reason. But by no means, does this mean you shouldn’t celebrate. And, I say, let’s look our fears in the face and celebrate our miracles!

I disagree that 2nd pregnancies/babies should not get the luxuries and celebrations of first pregnancies/babies. Especially if your 2nd child is also a Rainbow Baby! Our rainbows need to be celebrated!  And if your 2nd baby/rainbow baby is also the opposite gender as your first, even more reason to celebrate! Because of this, I give you permission! I give you permission to celebrate anyway you choose!

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  1. Have a baby sprinkle or shower – I kind of want to have one, at least a sprinkle anyway. Honestly? I do feel awkward about it. I think it’s assumed that since this is my 2nd baby that it’s just not done. Maybe after baby girl is born? I might be more comfortable with the idea once she’s actually in my arms.
  2. Create a registry – I totally did this! It’s pretty basic, but I do in fact have a registry.
  3. Buy all the clothes – I finally caved and bought 2 new onsies for baby girl. It may have been panic inducing, but I did it nonetheless.
  4. Buy new nursery decor – It’s on my registry! Her room will be HER room, not all of M’s leftovers. She’s her own person and I want her to know that we made her room her’s.
  5. Buy new cloth diapers, even if you have more than enough (if you cloth diaper that is) – Yep! BumGenius has a cute new print, I bought it. Doesn’t even matter that we have diapers that M has never worn, I wanted it for her. Bring on the obsession again!
  6. Do a gender reveal party – We did not do this, we did make the gender reveal a bit of an event by not opening the envelope to find out until Christmas morning, but there was no actual party involved. I say go for it though if you want to!
  7. Do whatever you want to celebrate! Your baby deserves to be celebrated, whether it’s your first, 2nd, or 15th, celebrate that rainbow baby that you are miraculously growing!

Why shouldn’t we celebrate our rainbow babies as much as our first (aka “sunshine”) babies? They’re just as special, right? We still need some essentials, right? So, why not celebrate, do the things you did your with your first! I give you permission! 😉

What will you do or did you do to celebrate your rainbow baby?

8 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Rainbow Baby: I Give You Permission

    1. A rainbow baby is the baby a woman has after infant or pregnancy loss. The “calm after the storm” so to speak.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have recently had my rainbow baby and I have felt exactly how you described in this article. I had a close friend throw me a “welcome baby boy party” which was just like a baby shower. This was my second boy, first baby after a loss. I really appreciated her doing it. I only included those who were open to having the party, I didn’t include those who I knew would be against the whole 2nd baby shower concept. I didn’t want any negativity! It was a wonderful party with my closest friends, and I agree every baby deserves a celebration!!


  2. I am currently pregnant with our rainbow baby and due 5-3-15! We lost our first angel at 12 weeks and then I developed gestational trophoblastic disease and had to complete 8 weeks of chemo. Our rainbow has been such a blessing and easy pregnancy 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story. When people ask if this is our first baby I always mention our angel just because I feel like she truly deserved to be acknowledged.


    1. Congratulations on your rainbow!! I’m so sorry to hear of your loss and medical struggles. What a true blessing to have your rainbow on the way!


  3. I think every baby deserves a celebration! My friends threw me a sprinkle for D2 and G and it was wonderful to have a few friends and family together just for the purpose of celebrating their new little lIves 🙂


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