5 Ways to Pamper Yourself this Valentine’s Day (+ a Rain Africa Review)

5 Ways to Pamper Yourself this Valentine's Day {+ a Rain Africa Review} - My Mama Adventure

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and whether you have a significant other to spend the holiday with or not, I say pamper yourself! Valentine’s Day is all about showing those you love how much you appreciate them, so why not show yourself some love and appreciation! Take some time to pamper yourself, relax, and enjoy.

Here are 5 great ways to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Wine: Sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice glass (or bottle!) of wine! If you’re pregnant, like I am, grab one of those bottles of sparkling grape juice and pretend!

  2. A good book: This could also be your favorite movie or TV show, the point is, you’re sitting and relaxing while doing something you enjoy!

  3. Bubble bath: Take that wine, your book (or tablet with your favorite movie/show) into the bathroom and just go “ahhhh” while you sit in a nice warm bubbly bath. Tip: Make sure kids know that you are not to be disturbed – call in the reserves if you have to!

  4. Relaxing music: Turn on your favorite relaxing music. Ditch the kiddie songs and break out the music you rarely get to listen to. Sit back, drink your wine, read your book, relax in the bubble bath, and just enjoy those tunes!

  5. In home spa treatment: No need to spend a ton of money on going to a spa, you can do it all from home! Foot scrub, relaxing shampoo, moisturizing lotions, what could be better? I personally have been using the foot scrub and natural shampoo from Rain Africa and it’s been heavenly!

Rain Africa Bath & Body Products - My Mama Adventure

Rain Africa sent me their foot scrub and natural Biologie shampoo. You know I’ve been looking for a good natural shampoo to replace my old brand, and I do believe I found it! Their shampoo smells amazing and my hair has been incredibly soft since using it. I’m not a frequent hair washer, 1-2 times per week and I’ve been thrilled that the Rain Africa Biologie shampoo has continued to let me go long periods of time without needing to wash my hair, that means it’s getting my hair clean and not adding extra oils!! Woot woot!

The Biologie shampoo contains: Coconut Oil for added moisture, Baobab Pulp Extract which contains vitamin A, E, D, F and Omega 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids, Rooibos Extract which is high in antioxidant and free radical scavenger, Rosemary Leaf Oil increases blood circulation to the skin’s surface, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), and Spearmint Leaf Oil which can help with headaches, migraines, nervous strain, fatigue and stress. When I’m using the shampoo, I can really smell the spearmint and it is so relaxing and refreshing!

What can I say about the foot scrub? First, it smells delicious! I’m personally thrilled to have the foot scrub and I think Hubs is thrilled too. My feet are, let’s say, in rough shape. They are very dried and cracked, winter and pregnancy has just made them worse. The foot scrub, even after the first use, has made a vast improvement to my dry feet. They still aren’t perfect, but it would be a miracle if any foot scrub made them perfect after just 2 weeks!  I know that if I continue to use the scrub daily, they will continue to get better and better, which is good since flip flop season is right around the corner!

The foot scrub is also all natural and contains: Peppermint oil to relieve itching and irritation; Tea Tree oil which has antiseptic and antibacterial properties; Eucalyptus oil which cools, refreshes, deodorizes; and Mphephu oil which has anti-fungal properties. I can especially smell the peppermint oil while using it and it just all feels and smells amazing.

Which product would you most like to have from Rain Africa?


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9 thoughts on “5 Ways to Pamper Yourself this Valentine’s Day (+ a Rain Africa Review)

  1. Oooh!! A foot scrub sounds lovely!! I really want to try this now hah! Rain Living has so many tempting products to pick just one though… Kalahari Melon and Honeybush Salt Scrub… Aloe and Avocado Lotion… Aloe & Avocado Foam Bath… it just all sounds so refreshing!!


  2. A good book and a bath sounds wonderful. The ingredients in these products sound pretty wonderful too. I like that they contain essence oils that help with other things while your washing your hair. Nice!


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