Guest Post: Eco Friendly Tips to Save Cash

Guest Post By: Anna

Are you strapped for cash? Or are you willing to save some dough for a rainy day? Whatever the case, if you need extra cash, you have to stop spending money like water in the first place. The best way to achieve that is by organizing your personal expenses and reducing some costs in your monthly budget. Whether you need pin money for your Canaries holiday or you’re desperately trying to make both ends meet, we hope we can help you. Here are a few ways to tighten the purse strings. Read on.

Drink Tap Water

If you’re used to buying bottled water, stop right now! Tap water is just as drinkable as mineral water. The only difference is, the latter costs around 3 dollars a bottle. If you like keeping a bottle of the liquid in your bag, just make sure you refill yours every time you run out of water. Voilà!

Save Energy

There are a couple of ways to save energy. For example, when you cook, it’s wise to turn off the oven/stove a little bit earlier than usual. If you know the meal should be ready in about five minutes, unplugging the cooker at this point will save you some energy. At the same time the stovetop will be hot enough to allow the food to keep cooking.
Another way to save energy is to turn outside lights off at night.

Cook More Often

Instead of stopping by for food in the local restaurant or fast food establishment, prepare your own food at home. If you have a big family, food expenses are likely to be higher when ordering pizza than when cooking. It’s worth giving it a thought.

There are several other benefits of cooking other than low costs:
  • You know what you eat (in other words, you’re aware which products you used to cook that meal)
  • You choose all ingredients
  • Once you cook, you have enough food for several more meals
  • Homemade food always tastes better

Use DIY Cleaners

Using homemade cleaning solutions can reduce the need for commercial products, which are not only expensive but also chemically-laden. A more environment-friendly alternative to this is using baking soda, lemon juice and transparent vinegar, all to be found in the household. Baking soda is one of the magic ingredients every housewife must have. It can be used both in cooking and cleaning. Thanks to its mild abrasive properties, this substance is great for removing grease and grime from a number of surfaces. When combined with transparent vinegar, it can clean and disinfect toilets, unclog sinks and do many other wonders in the house. The best part is, it’s very cost-effective.

Apart from using the ingredients mentioned above, you can also opt for castile soap. It’s completely natural and non-harmful. You can use it to wash your laundry. It’s great because it leaves no foam or transparent film on the sink.

And finally, there are some very contradictory theories as to whether borax is really harmless, but generally it is safe to include it in your cleaning kit. It’s mostly used in detergents because of its capability to dissolve dirt.

Don’t Throw Money Around

Visiting a shop, one is often tempted to buy stuff that is not necessary. If you already have loads of household products or cosmetics, you don’t need another pair of cleaning gloves. Or that beautiful flower vase you spotted in the store yesterday? Forget about it. Try to restrain from buying things you don’t need. A penny here, a penny there and you’re money will be gone in the blink of an eye. Be wise about spending money.

About the Author:
Anna is a cleaning specialist at CityCleaners Kensington. She is very cautious about her health and that’s the reason she chose to live greener. 

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