Using Cloth Diapers at Night

No matter what style of diaper you use in your home (disposables and cloth alike), finding a good nighttime diaper can be a challenge. Lets face it, there comes a point when we’re just tired of waking up in the middle of the night just to change a diaper.

Fortunately, with cloth diapers there are a ton of options out there and these options are frequently more absorbent and effective than disposable options. I do have some cloth diapering friends who have used disposables at night simply because they could not find a good combination. It’s whatever works for you and your baby.

When your baby is a newborn and you’re up feeding them every couple hours, it’s no big deal to do a diaper change at the same time. But eventually you’re looking to get your baby to sleep through the night and the last thing you want is for your diaper to be the reason this is not happening.

We have tried so many options for nighttime. We’ve tried disposables, they were an epic fail for us, major leakage, and I just got annoyed…nighttime sheet changes are not what I want to deal with at 2am! We have taken the route of double stuffing, yes, this creates a very fluffy bum, but it works! Finding the best combination of inserts/diaper has been trial and error, as is so many things when it comes to cloth diapering, and, well, parenting.

Even throughout our CD experience, we’ve changed our nighttime routine. We’ve switched up brands, styles, insert types, etc. Recently we’ve found success with a prefold and gDiaper insert or plain hemp insert with a PUL cover. We’ve tried microfiber, hemp, fitteds, pockets, AIOs, hybrids, wool pretty much every diaper you could imagine for nights and they all worked at one point. As with many things in your child’s life, things work and then you have to switch it up to meet their new needs.

It’s common for toddler legs to thin out as they become more mobile with walking and running. This is when we had to make a switch most recently from a double stuffed pocket to prefolds. Ammonia smell resulted in no longer using microfiber at night.

There is no, one answer to nighttime cloth diapers. What works for us may not work for someone else. The same holds true for daytime cloth diapers. What I recommend is finding a combination that works best for your baby and for you. Be willing to go with the flow (no pun intended) if things start to go south or if leaks start to occur. When we’ve had issues I’ve gone to my cloth diaper group (Cloth Diapering Mamas) that I admin along with a friend of mine. It is so great to have a group of CDers that can offer insight to issues we’ve had with nighttime diapers and daytime diapers.

When looking for your perfect combination, there are many different insert/doubler options such as hemp, microfiber, Zorb II, bamboo, and charcoal (we’ve never tried bamboo or charcoal). Sometimes combining a couple of these options is the perfect combo for your babe. Sometimes it’s the combo with a certain style diaper. Start by using the inserts you have and double stuffing with your current diaper styles. If you’re still having leakage issues or needing diaper changes, try adding a different style of doubler/insert. Turn to friends who are experienced with CD or a FB group that can offer support.

I wish I could tell you that there is a perfect nighttime diaper. But considering our perfect night diaper has changed many times over the past 18+ months, I’m sure you will have the same experience. And in the end, maybe cloth won’t be your night answer, and that’s okay. Do what is best for your baby, your situation, your home.

Here are the inserts/diapers that we use or have used for M at night:

Over at Nicki’s Diapers you can find all sorts of pocket inserts that can be used as doublers for nighttime diapers. You can also look for WAHM inserts on Etsy, Hyena Cart, or Facebook. No matter where you look, you should be able to find something that will work for you and little one.

What are your cloth diaper nighttime solutions?

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6 thoughts on “Using Cloth Diapers at Night

  1. Its interesting to see what works for different people. I know lots of people who struggle to find disposables that dont leak at night but others who use cloth during the day and disposables at night because they aren’t happy with cloth at night.


    1. It is very interesting how everyone’s experience is so different. I had a horrible experience with sposies at night once he wasn’t waking up at night anymore so that was not an option for us. It’s all trial and error in so many things as parents!


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