Potty Learning Update

We’ve definitely had some successes and epic fails in the past couple weeks. So far, I’ve realized I’m terrible at keeping a schedule unless I’m being paid to help with toileting. My every hour thing happened maybe once on the first day. Oops! Mostly it’s been very casual and whenever we think about putting him on the potty.
No big deal, he’s not even 2 years yet, I’m not too stressed about this process, he’ll get there, and it’s not going to happen in a couple weeks…well, maybe it could, but it won’t because we’re not consistent (confession!).

We have had several occasions where we’re just too late getting to the bathroom and times where we make it but nothing happens until as soon as we take him off the potty (frustration!). It’s a learning process. We’ve definitely had some success though. Even in our short amount of time, there’s a definite connection being made. If nothing else, he’ll ask to use the potty after he’s already messed his diaper, it’s something.

We’ve been able to catch him on a number of occasions though and the tiny pieces of chocolate are working out really  nice. And he loves to go tell Daddy or whoever else that he just used the potty. We, of course, cheer and make a big deal when we have successes and he gets really excited to flush the potty and wave bye bye to the his success (can I say poop? I’m assuming that if you’re reading this you know we’re talking about pee and poop…).

The best part is that he LOVES using the potty! He gets a real kick out of sitting on the potty and playing with his tubby toys. We go through each one, label it, and then line it up on the side of the tub…sometimes we count them too. He has frequently asked to use the potty and while we’re not sure if it’s because he just wants to play with tubby toys or if it’s because he has to actually use the potty…doesn’t matter, if he asks, we take him. And of course this frequently occurs at the most inconvenient times, such as when I’m trying to get ready for work.

I’ll admit, some days there are no potty times and others we’re on top of it. We’re not perfect and we’re just taking a very casual approach to this whole potty thing.

I definitely recommend finding a highly reinforcing item though when it comes to potty learning. The more reinforcing, the better. Make sure that the reinforcer (for us chocolate), is not given at other times, otherwise it stops being a special potty item. It does not have to be food, it can be videos, games, books, stickers etc., but something that is highly motivating for your little one. M has started to make the connection between the chocolate and potty success and this is great! He’s totally manipulating it right now too, but I’m more than okay with that. His manipulation means he’s gaining control over his body as far as potty learning. I’ll definitely reinforce this! Yes, that means he’s gotten multiple pieces of chocolate in one time frame of sitting on the potty. This is okay! The more reinforcement = the more positive behavior (in this case, using the potty).

What were/are your tricks for potty learning?

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